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Argus has been used in a large number of network and cyber security research publications, dissertations, theses, books, presentations and blogs. We're proud that we could support so much research and development in computer networking, cyber security, machine learning, and general science with our work.

Maintaining a complete list has been non-trivial, and the list below is the result of keyword web searches, primarily looking at the Google, and the ACM Library for articles since 2010. If you do not see a research paper, dissertaion, book, presentation, reference that you wrote, or you liked, please send us a pointer. Also, if you find that a link on this page is stale, please send us a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dissertations and Thesis

A Review and Analysis of Bot-IoT Security Data for Machine Learning, Thesis, Jared M. Peterson, Dec 2021.
Botnet Command & Control Detection in IoT Networks, Thesis, Najwa Laabid, July 2021.
Machine leaning-based DoS attacks detection for MQTT sensor networks, Thesis, Ali Ghannadrad, July 2021.
Tensor Based Monitoring of Large-Scale Network Traffic, Thesis, Gerald Liso, December 2018.
Adaptive Network Flow Parameters for Stealthy Botnet Behavior - Machine Learning techniques for providing perturbations to network flow patterns, Thesis, Torgeir Fladby, Autumn 2018.
Machine Learning and Cybersecurity: Studying network behaviour to detect anomalies MSc in High Performance Computing with Data Science, The University of Edinburgh, Jiawen Chen, July 25, 2018.
Investigating A Behaviour Analysis-Based Early Warning System To Identify Botnets Using Machine Learning Algorithms Ph.D. Thesis, Fariba Haddadi, September 2018.
InSight2: An Interactive Web Based Platform for Modeling and Analysis of Large Scale Argus Network Flow Data, Thesis, Hansaka Angel Dias Edirisinghe Kodituwakku, Aug 2017.
An Online Anomaly-Detection Neural Networks-based Clustering for Adaptive Intrusion Detection Systems, Thesis, Roshan Kokabha, Setareh, Feb 2016.
Intensional Cyberforensics, Thesis, Serguei A. Mokhov, Mar 2014.
Salting Public Traces With Attack Traffic To Test Flow Classifiers, Thesis, Zeynel Berkay Celik, Aug 2011.
A comparative study of in-band and out-of-band VoIP protocols in layer 3 and layer 2.5 environments, Thesis, George Pallis, Jan 2011.
Detecting malicious network activity using flow data and learning automata , Thesis, Christian Auby Torbjørn Skagestad Kristian Tveiten, May 2009.
Visualization of Network Traffic to Detect Malicious Network Activity, Thesis, Zhihua Jin, June 2008.
Supporting the Visualization and Forensic Analysis of Network Events, Disseration, Doantham Phan, December 2007.
Keeping Track of Network Flows: An Inexpensive and Fexible Solution, Thesis, Alexander Fedyukin, November 2005.
Using Netflows for slow portscan detection, Thesis, Bjarte Malmedal, 2005.

Research Articles

F. Zola, L. Segurola-Gil, J.L. Bruse, M. Galar, R. Orduna-Urrutia, Network traffic analysis through node behaviour classification: a graph-based approach with temporal dissection and data-level preprocessing, Computers & Security, Volume 115, 2022, 102632, ISSN 0167-4048,
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