ARGUS Clients

Argus Clients

Argus Client Development

The Argus open source project is about generating the best network awareness data possible, and enabling the use of that data.  That is where the Argus System development comes in play.  To get value out of argus data, you need to not only generate it, but you need to collect it, enhance it, filter it, aggregate it, compress it, index it, minimize it, print it out in csv, json, or xml, put it in a database, even anonymize it.

Argus currently has programs that perform all of these functions, and can be used to do a lot of data management, analytics and processing, but there is always room for more. Argus system development is pretty wide open, and we welcome most if not all contributions.

The Argus project invites you to contribute to the effort !!!

Argus Clients Library

Developing Argus System Components involves reading, processing and writing Argus data through the argus-clients library packages.

The primary example is radium.1, the argus data distribution node. radium.1 reads and writes argus data, and can process files or streams or both at the same time.  Using radium.1 as a starting point is a great way to improve the Argus System group, and avoids the problems of dealing with the Argus data formats, especially encrypted argus data, and wire-line compression.

Work that needs to be considered is advances in data provenance, as well as formal strategies in data multi-tenancy.

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